Best Practices for Working Remotely

Made the switch to a remote work environment recently? Working remotely from your apartment at 20 West is a change you can tackle, with the right mindset and plan. Need advice? Here are some helpful tips on how to navigate the work from home experience from your apartment!


Set Aside Space for a Home Office


Being at home brings up feelings of coziness. But don’t give in to the temptation of working from your bed! Combining your sleep space with your workstation can impede productivity and decrease restfulness. It’s best to arrange your home office away from unhelpful distractions. Check out this list for some suggestions on how to get your workstation organized!


Stick to a New Remote Work Schedule


Losing track of your daily routine is a risk that comes with working from home. While your work environment may have changed, a new remote work schedule can help you feel more balanced. This way, you continue to maintain a sense of control throughout your workday. Start by waking up at the same time, getting dressed for the day, and consider keeping a planner. For more suggestions on how to stay focused while working from home, check out this helpful article!


Remember to Pace Yourself with Regular Breaks


While it’s great to stay productive, taking care of your physical and mental health is important as well. Don’t overdo it on work tasks! Make sure your remote work routine includes time for regular breaks! You can refresh by doing yoga between tasks and taking your full lunch hour. And to combat eye strain from the blue light of computer screens, use the 20-20-20 rule.


By taking these suggestions, your work from home experience will run a lot more smoothly Have more remote work tips you’re excited to try? Let us know which ones in the comments!