Halloween in Mt. Prospect

Halloween is going to be fantastic in 2020, if a little different. Halloween is on a Saturday, there will be a full moon, and people want to celebrate. Sure it’s 2020, so we need to social distance, wear masks of a different sort to help us stay safe, but we can still have a spooky great time. Check out these can’t miss ideas to make Halloween 2020 a hit. 20 West is the right place to celebrate. 

How to Decorate Your Apartment

There are so many ways to get your apartment ready for Halloween. We all know it’s important to make a good first impression and this year that’s even truer as most of us will keep trick-or-treaters at a safe distance. Set the stage. Carve creepy pumpkins with stencils and easily available templates. Decorate doors with cut-outs of ghosts, goblins, witches, and more.  Make sure the neighbors can see some colorful creatures by combining monster cut-outs and contact paper on the windows. For the inside, fairy lights, felt spiders, and glow in the dark skeletons are always hit. It’s the little things that really set the mood. Try the mirror hidden message trick, get some scotch tape and spell out a scary message on your mirror, allow the tape to set and remove. Then run some hot water to reveal hidden messages to your guests.

How to Celebrate at Home

For many of us, celebrating Halloween this year will probably have to be done at home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to raise goosebumps at home. Start by setting the mood with Halloween baking and some apple cider. Carving pumpkins is always a hit, so each person can get involved in making their ideas come to life. What’s Halloween without costumes? Make sure to get everyone dressed up and set up a video conferencing call with friends and family so everyone can share the scares. Set up a baby monitor on the porch, so you can have fun interacting with trick-or-treaters. Treats can be in the form of an outdoor haunted house or a video performance through your windows instead of the typical eatable delights. Movie marathons are great since you can choose movies appropriate to any age group or audience (from Goonies to Friday the 13th, there is something for everyone) and those can be shared from the comfort of your own apartment through a number of popular streaming services (Netflix Party, KAST, YouTube, Discord, Facebook, and more).

Halloween Hotspots in Mt. Prospect

Luckily, stores are open in Mt. Prospect, so you can get what you need for Halloween. If you need costume, makeup, and decorations, there is a Spirit Halloween store open this year in Arlington Heights. The City of Mt. Prospect has many suggestions for Halloween this year, too, to stay safe this year. The Illinois Department of Health also has suggestions for how families can stay safe this year and what they are able to do to celebrate the holiday.

Social distancing will definitely make Halloween different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and safe holiday for everyone. Curbside and at-home delivery make it easier than ever to get the decorations, supplies, and costumes you need to make Halloween a hit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with some seasonal inspiring at-home celebration ideas.

Healthy and Happy Apartment Living

As a resident of 20 West, you have the perfect peaceful backdrop to develop a new health and wellness routine. The spacious floor plans and quiet community setting are sure to inspire you to live your best life! Here are some tips on how to stay healthy in Mt. Prospect from the comfort of home.


Eat Healthy at Home in Half an Hour or Less


Let’s face it, most of us have a lot on our plate. In the hustle and bustle of crossing items off the ole to-do list, eating nutritious foods can be challenging. Luckily, you can make a ton of healthy meals in just about twenty minutes! This list of delicious recipes offers great ideas for how to get started. In a time crunch? You can always add a few scoops of green protein powder to your breakfast shake or workout smoothie!


Engage in At-Home Exercise


Studies suggest that getting at least thirty minutes of physical activity in a day is key for optimal health. You can find a full-body workout routine without equipment on Youtube! One channel to watch is Yoga With Adriene. There are yoga sessions for all occasions, from restorative practices when you’re feeling beat to high-intensity core strength videos. Or, target your whole body with this low-impact HIIT routine. This video has zero jumping motions, so your at-home exercise session won’t disturb your neighbors downstairs.


Staying Mentally Mindful


Before anything else should come mental health. Having a refreshed mind boosts motivation and mood, which lends itself to assisting your other health and fitness goals! There are the basics, like getting enough sleep and spending time outdoors. For a high-tech addition to your mindful routine, download a meditation app. These function to set aside time and space for mental quiet. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day, your mind will thank you for the break.


Stay healthy in Mt. Prospect using these helpful tips! How are you tackling your wellness routine from home? Let us know in the comments!

Back to School Season: Tips for Success

School supplies for the prospective student

Summer vacation is coming to a close for many students across the country, and the fall session is just around the corner. Feeling unprepared for back to school season? Not to worry! Following these best practices will help make returning to school a seamless stress-free process. 


At-Home Studying Tips


Whether you’re learning online or in the classroom, your courses, like it or not, come complete with regular homework assignments. If you struggle to maintain motivation to stay on task, it may be time to rethink your schedule. First, get a planner to map out important due dates and tests. Then, structure your week by chunking larger homework assignments into smaller and more manageable tasks. Using the Pomodoro technique is a great way to maximize productivity while still placing importance on regular homework breaks!


Buy Sustainable School Supplies


We are all students of the earth first and foremost. Luckily, you can honor the environment while still preparing for back to school by stocking up on sustainable school supplies! Before buying anything, check around and see if there are any spare supplies around the house that you can use up first. After that, check out EarthHero to fill in the gaps. From bamboo ballpoint pens to recycled paper notebooks, it’s easier than ever to study and save the earth simultaneously.


Study in Style at 20 West


As a new resident of 20 West, you have access to a wide variety of amazing amenities. Students will find that there are a ton of places to study here on-site! You can set up your desk on your private patio or balcony for al-fresco studying. Or, find a secluded spot to read at the Outdoor Rooftop Lounge. There’s nothing like curling up to a book (even a textbook) by a warm fire, and the fire pits here offer no exceptions!


Following these helpful studying tips can help make your fall semester shine bright! Let us know how you’re preparing on returning to school in the comments.

Best Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month


There’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with an ice cream cone! This July, we celebrate National Ice Cream Month. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this delicious dessert this month, so read on for the full scoop!


The Different Types of Ice Cream


When you think of ice cream, you most likely think of it in its most common form: milk and cream frozen and slow-churned to perfection. But there are so many other types of ice cream versions to try! There’s gelato, whose silky texture is made possible with the addition of egg whites to the mix. Sorbet, a water-based dessert, gets its refreshing taste from fruit juices and syrups to sweeten the deal. And frozen yogurt replaces milk with its protein-packed cousin, which has the added benefit of active cultures to aid digestion. No matter your taste palate or dietary preferences, there’s an ice cream for you!


Making At-Home Ice Cream in Your Apartment


While you will most likely find most of these ice cream types at the grocery, there’s something special about making your own batch from scratch. This DIY ice cream recipe takes just a few ingredients and two zip-up bags! If you’re dairy-free, you can still make this ice cream by replacing the half-and-half with a vegan substitute. Once you’re done making your at-home ice cream, it’s time to pile on the toppings! Try salted caramel sauce for a decadent pairing to plain vanilla, or mix in edible flowers for a gorgeous pop of color.


Explore the Local Ice Cream in Mt. Prospect


As a new resident of 20 West, you’ve made your home in a city that loves its desserts. The local scene for ice cream in Mt. Prospect is impeccable! For chef-inspired frozen delights, check out Capannari Ice Cream. With a list of rotating and set flavor options available, there’s sure to be a pick for everyone in-store. They offer convenient curbside pick-up too! Check out their website for more information on this artisan ice cream shop.


It’s time to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a scoop and a smile! How are you planning on ringing in this sweet month? Let us know in the comments!

Trending Apartment Decor to Liven Up Any Room

Trending Apartment Decor, Summer Decor, Trendy Decor, Apartment Decor, Minimal Decor

The environment you live in can determine your mood and sense of comfort. Now that you’ve moved into the vibrant community of 20 West, you have the freedom to transform your unit to suit your unique design tastes. To make your apartment truly yours, invest in some trendy decor! Let’s dive into some of the trending apartment decor styles that will make your living spaces stand out.


Minimal Decor for the Modern-Minded


One design trend that never seems to go out of style is modern minimal. Minimal decor is marked by its clean lines, geometric patterns, and marriage between form and function. Because of its simplicity, matching minimal decor to your current apartment layout should be a seamless process. Here are some more tips on how to incorporate modern minimal in your home!


Summer Decor for Sun-Lovers


This month we move into a new season. Summertime brings about longer days, brighter sunshine, and a laid-back attitude. You can mirror these feelings of positivity by putting up some summer decor! Think nautical-themed accouterments, natural materials like jute and wood, and fun pops of color when you’re redesigning your space. Need some more inspiration? Check out this listicle!


Get Trendy Decor Delivered to Your Door


It’s easier than ever to get the furnishings you want delivered straight to your apartment. With the ease of online shopping, you can pick and choose which pieces fit your style without having to enter a store. For fans of modern minimal decor, All Modern has got you covered. You’ll love the classy furnishings there, like this sleek coffee table. And for summer decor stans, Etsy has a ton of homemade goods that are sure to make you smile. This pineapple wall art is sure to be a hit!


No matter how you decide to redecorate, adding some trendy decor to your apartment is sure to liven up your living space. How are you planning on revamping? Let us know in the comments!

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Made the switch to a remote work environment recently? Working remotely from your apartment at 20 West is a change you can tackle, with the right mindset and plan. Need advice? Here are some helpful tips on how to navigate the work from home experience from your apartment!


Set Aside Space for a Home Office


Being at home brings up feelings of coziness. But don’t give in to the temptation of working from your bed! Combining your sleep space with your workstation can impede productivity and decrease restfulness. It’s best to arrange your home office away from unhelpful distractions. Check out this list for some suggestions on how to get your workstation organized!


Stick to a New Remote Work Schedule


Losing track of your daily routine is a risk that comes with working from home. While your work environment may have changed, a new remote work schedule can help you feel more balanced. This way, you continue to maintain a sense of control throughout your workday. Start by waking up at the same time, getting dressed for the day, and consider keeping a planner. For more suggestions on how to stay focused while working from home, check out this helpful article!


Remember to Pace Yourself with Regular Breaks


While it’s great to stay productive, taking care of your physical and mental health is important as well. Don’t overdo it on work tasks! Make sure your remote work routine includes time for regular breaks! You can refresh by doing yoga between tasks and taking your full lunch hour. And to combat eye strain from the blue light of computer screens, use the 20-20-20 rule.


By taking these suggestions, your work from home experience will run a lot more smoothly Have more remote work tips you’re excited to try? Let us know which ones in the comments!

Getting Involved Locally While Living in Mt. Prospect

online community, social networking, community resources

As a new resident of 20 West, you’ve also joined the vibrant community of Mt. Prospect, IL! If you want to get to know your neighborhood more, but aren’t sure how, you’re in luck! Here are some ways you can get involved from home while living in Mt. Prospect.


Virtually Check Out Your Local Library in Mt. Prospect


The local library is an invaluable resource to any community, and Mt. Prospect is no exception. Providing a quiet place to read, learn, and study, the Mount Prospect Public Library serves the city welcome and deserves support. Luckily, they also provide a vast collection of online materials to explore! Check out your local library in Mt. Prospect digitally here.


Order Food Delivery in Mt. Prospect From a Local Fave


The best way to get a feel for the culture of a new city is by looking at the local restaurant scene. The mom and pop eateries that line the streets of Mt. Pleasant are as diverse as the people that call this city home! For authentic Thai flavor, check out altThai! They serve up noodle dishes, rice plates, and so much more. Get altThai food delivery in Mt. Prospect through Doordash by ordering here.


Stay Tuned to Local News in Mt. Prospect


The best way to be an active citizen is by tuning in to the goings-on in your community. Instead of depending on the general coverage from mainstream media, local newspapers and journals are your friends. They offer a more personalized approach, delivering relevant stories about your own neighborhood. The Daily Herald is a great source for local news in Mt. Prospect. Check out the latest headlines here, and consider signing up for a subscription to help keep independent media alive.


No matter what you decide to do, getting actively involved while living in Mt. Prospect is sure to feel rewarding. How are you planning on giving back while at home? Let us know in the comments!

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Mt. Prospect Apartments

Spring Cleaning in Mt. Prospect

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Mt. Prospect Apartments

Sunshine months are once again almost here! We all know what that means: spring cleaning! This year, instead of getting filled with anxious thoughts of spring cleaning, we will be adopting the adage of working smarter, not harder. We have great suggestions to ensure your chic Mt. Prospect apartments look spotless, the green way!

It’s That Time Again

One of the most laborious chores in spring cleaning comes from having to scrub the toilet or bathtub. Tubs and showers can produce the toughest of grimes. To help, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will bring huge monumental spring cleaning tasks down to an easy and breezy level.

Instead of running to the nearest convenience store for supplies, let’s first take a look in our cupboards! That’s right, this year for spring cleaning, we are going green.

Tips and Tricks for Your Bathroom

If you have an overly grimy bathtub or toilet, there is good news. Grime is no match for the cleaning power of vinegar!

To get rid of mildew, we simply spray pure white vinegar to the area and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Then, rinse the area with warm water. If the mildew does not go away with a simple rinse, a sponge will do the trick!

Another green mixture to attack mildew found in the bathroom is using baking soda with a bit of liquid castile soap. After a little scrub and rinse, the mildew will disappear.

Spring Cleaning Done Right!

If the cleaning your bathroom scares you, we hope you take advantage of our suggestion.

What are some of your all-time favorite natural and green solutions to clean your bathroom? Share with us in the comments and let us know!

A Rainy Day in Your Mt. Prospect Apartments

A Rainy Day in Your Mt. Prospect Apartments

A Rainy Day in Your Mt. Prospect Apartments

We know this time of year can host many a dreary winter days. If it’s a rainy day, why not stay in and make the most of it? When the weather is not cooperating, it is time for the much-coveted plan B. We have a great suggestion that will transform your chic Mt. Prospect apartments into a cozy game room haven! It’s time to round up your best pals, and reach for the snacks! We will make sure that staying in on a rainy day isn’t boring.

Things to Do in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

It’s time to slip into your favorite casual attire and start the coffee. If you are looking for things to do in your apartment on a rainy day, get ready to transform a rainy day into a fun-filled afternoon! Hosting a game day on a rainy day can be the most exciting time that you’ve had in a while. Think about it. When is the last time you sat down to play a game that was not on your tablet or phone?

Let the Card Games Begin!

When the skies are overcast and drizzling, it is time to put our phones away and round up the troops. A rainy day can be a nice change of pace. Instead of being tied up on our mobile devices all day, we can enjoy the company of friends.

A few rounds of your favorite card games may be the answer to a memorable rainy afternoon. Several rounds of Poker with friends on a rainy day sounds nice. If poker isn’t your forte, you can always opt for Spades, Crazy Eights, or Black Jack. Nevertheless, spending quality time catching up with friends over drinks for a day in may be the best plan B option to consider!

Bring out the Snacks and Popcorn

If dreary winter weather has you feeling the cabin fever blues, we’ve got the perfect remedy. Overcast skies are a perfect cue to round up your friends for some much needed catching up!

What are some of your all-time favorite card games? Share with us and let us know in the comments!