Back to School Season: Tips for Success

School supplies for the prospective student

Summer vacation is coming to a close for many students across the country, and the fall session is just around the corner. Feeling unprepared for back to school season? Not to worry! Following these best practices will help make returning to school a seamless stress-free process. 


At-Home Studying Tips


Whether you’re learning online or in the classroom, your courses, like it or not, come complete with regular homework assignments. If you struggle to maintain motivation to stay on task, it may be time to rethink your schedule. First, get a planner to map out important due dates and tests. Then, structure your week by chunking larger homework assignments into smaller and more manageable tasks. Using the Pomodoro technique is a great way to maximize productivity while still placing importance on regular homework breaks!


Buy Sustainable School Supplies


We are all students of the earth first and foremost. Luckily, you can honor the environment while still preparing for back to school by stocking up on sustainable school supplies! Before buying anything, check around and see if there are any spare supplies around the house that you can use up first. After that, check out EarthHero to fill in the gaps. From bamboo ballpoint pens to recycled paper notebooks, it’s easier than ever to study and save the earth simultaneously.


Study in Style at 20 West


As a new resident of 20 West, you have access to a wide variety of amazing amenities. Students will find that there are a ton of places to study here on-site! You can set up your desk on your private patio or balcony for al-fresco studying. Or, find a secluded spot to read at the Outdoor Rooftop Lounge. There’s nothing like curling up to a book (even a textbook) by a warm fire, and the fire pits here offer no exceptions!


Following these helpful studying tips can help make your fall semester shine bright! Let us know how you’re preparing on returning to school in the comments.